about Masks

The mask dancer "Rasho" manufactures 300 or more masks, and has 40 pieces now. Since the design of the mask is original, it cannot judge that it was affected from what, but he has said that he learned the design from the Noh mask of Japan, the mask of a barricade, and the mask of Venice. His mask uses a tree, the skin, and clay and is mainly coloring them with acrylics paints. In order to dance under a mask, the string of rubber is attached to a mask, but a decorative string also uses for the thing for exhibition. In order to make a mask strong, the back side of a mask may be reinforced.

Although it shows much expression just by a mask's covering and dancing it, and the real value is demonstrated, it is also possible to have much expression similarly by obtaining effective lighting. The mask can also sell one piece at a time as an exhibition work.